The biggest investment we will all make is of our time and energy. Joining Hope Springs Institute's CALL program is a commitment to be in a learning laboratory for 9 months and to practice what we learn in Level 1. All graduates of Level 1 will be offered the opportunity to continue and deepen learning with Level 2 and Level 3 training.

Tuition for the CALL program includes:

  • two Tue - Sun (6 day) residential sessions per year with distinguished faculty

  • comfortable room accommodations and three delicious homemade meals/day with round-the-clock refreshments and snacks available 

  • access to core faculty throughout all Levels and Change Projects

  • online work to support your learning and to achieve the Change Project












Pay for tuition here


There is a 5% discount if you pay for the full level training before the program starts. 

For those interested in being part of this program, we encourage you to pursue funding opportunities starting now. We have found in the past that some participants get funded by their businesses/organizations, some by relatives and friends and some by online funding sources. You can also download a scholarship application here.

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