Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Critically analyze the root causes and consequences of personal and social conflict 


  • Learn skills and tools to understand and dismantle oppression


  • Create possibilities for change that lead to peace in our lives and communities on this planet


  • Improve mind, body, spirit health by learning practices that can be used immediately in one's daily life


  • Be motivated and prepared to take action that will result in positive changes at the personal, group, systems and global levels

  • Complete a self-identified Change Project designed to promote social justice, non- violence and/or peacebuilding

Design Principles of the Program

  • Blending theory and practice/action for healthy change through experiential learning

  • Honoring land as a place offering powerful transformative experience foundational to learning

  • Valuing personal transformative work as necessary for humans to reach their full potential at individual, group, systems, and global levels

  • Advocating for and respecting human rights

  • Understanding cultural perspectives and impacting social change with non-violent action

  • Committing to restoring balance in the natural world

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